Sri Mariyamman temple – Punnainallur

Moolavar : Mariyamman (Muthumari), Durgai

Urchavar : –

Amman / Thayar : –

Thala Virutcham : –

Theertham : –

Agamam / Pooja : –

Old year : 500 years old

Historical Name : –

City : Punnainallur

District : Thanjavur

State : Tamil Nadu

Main Goddess is a gigantic Amman in standing posture, but it is not made of stone sculpture, but of mud(puthu Mariamman). So no abishegam is done for main deity here. Instead, there is small Vishnu Durgai amman sanctum near main diety and all abjshegam are done only to this deity. No archana also for main deity, archanas are done to Uthsava Idol kept at the entrance of the main sanctum.

One can vow to offer Gold Petticoat( thanga pavadai) to main deity, when one”s prayer is fulfilled by HER. Devasthanam collect Rs.1000/- per offer on pre fixed dates. Atleast 3-7 days before one has to fix the date,as per temple timings.

Then we can also pray at Periyachi amman, another Amman deity, who wards off one’s evil effects.

If you want to have good and peaceful dharshan of this famous Mariamman, avoid Sundays,Tuesday and Fridays. Fullmoon days also attracts good crowd. Special Dharshan ticket @ Rs.10/- available,but during these festive days, long queues can be seen.

Best day and timing for good darshan- weekdays(other than Tuesday,Friday & Sunday) early morning..6-8 am.

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Sri ThiruValanchuzhi Nathar temple – Thiruvalanchuzhi

Moolavar : ThiruValanchuzhi Nathar

Urchavar : –

Amman / Thayar : Peria Nayaki

Thala Virutcham : Vilwa

Theertham : Cauvery, Arasalaru, Jada theertham

Agamam / Pooja : –

Old year : 1000-2000 years old

Historical Name : Thiruvalanchuzhi

City : Thiruvalanchuzhi

District : Thanjavur

State : Tamil Nadu

The story of churning the milk ocean to get nectar with Mandara mount as the churning stick (Mathu in Tamil) and Vasuki snake as the churning rope is popular among Hindu believers. Unable to bear the speed and weight during this operation, Vasuki spit its venom threatening total destruction of all worlds. Devas surrendered to Lord Shiva. He said that they began the work without worshipping Lord Vinayaka and advised them to correct the error. Devas returned to milk ocean, made an idol of Lord Vinayaka with ocean foam and prayed to him and succeeded, thus goes the Sthala Purana. Vinayaka thus made of the foam is praised as Swetha Vinayaka. He is the Ishta Devatha of the Devas.

Lord Valanchuzhi Nathar is a swayambumurthi. Lord Vinayaka idol is made of the foam of Milk ocean (Tiru Parkadal), hence praised as Swetha Vinayaka – Vellai Vinayaka. Vellai in Tamil means white.

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