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Tanjore Art Academy is an institute which was started 20 years ago. Every student is taught the basic nuances of art in the beginning and the students learn and develop their art skills in a very organized way. An understudy experiences a slow improvement beginning with pencil drawing and after that pen drawing and the understudy proceeds onward to pastels when the understudy experts in it he/she proceeds onward to water shading, acrylic painting and oil painting.
It is keep running under the direction of its Founder Mr.U.MARIMUTHU.BFA and committed gathering of educators. We call the organization a workmanship source in light of the fact that everything identified with craftsmanship training and related needs are taken consideration. It caters to students from the age groups of 3 years old to 60 years young.
The students from our organization have taken an interest in a few rivalries and even national level rivalries and won numerous honors. Presentations are led each year consistently with greatest 36 students taking part in it. Every students presents 8 depictions. U.MARIMUTHU.BFA , 20 years experienced artist. A professional artist in Tanjore Art Paintings and a Poompuhar State Level Award Winner 2017-2018.

One of the most popular forms of classical South Indian painting is Tanjore Painting, which originated in the 16th century under the Chola reign in Tanjore or Thanjavur city of Tamil Nadu.

Tanjore paintings are unique and entirely different from other types of paintings. It uses vibrant colours, has surface richness, high durable glow and dense composition. To further add to their appeal there are embellishments of semi-precious stones, glass pieces and pearl. The relief work gives them a three dimensional effect.

The theme of the paintings is mostly Hindu Gods and Goddesses, as well as saints. The main figure is always painted at the centre of the painting. They are usually made on wooden canvas covered with cloth.

The making of Tanjore Painting

The making of Tanjore painting is an elaborate process. First, a preliminary sketch of the image is drawn on the canvas. Next, zinc oxide or chalk powder is applied on the base after mixing it with water-soluble paste. Thirdly, the drawing is made and decorated with semi-precious stones, pearls and cut glass. Today, American diamonds are also being used. Wafer thin sheets of 22 carat gold foil are pasted in relief on some parts of the painting to further augment the effect, while the other parts are painted in bright colours. To enhance the painting as well as to protect it, different types of frames are used.

Tanjore paintings come in 3 finishes – classic, embossed and unique – and are made in various sizes according to demand. They are placed in living rooms as well as pooja rooms to add a touch of divinity to the environment.

They also make excellent auspicious gifts for any occasion be it house warming ceremonies, weddings, or corporate events. They are also popular as souvenirs and mementos. In India as well as abroad Tanjore paintings are fast moving art works in galleries.

We are a stickler for tradition

Our artists choose an auspicious day to start the painting and the eyes of the gods and goddesses are opened on a good day so that the client is blessed with good health, wealth and prosperity. Hence the Tanjore paintings you buy from us are unique.